How to generate IMMEDIATE online Revenue with a smart “3 click” text/sms campaign

“If I asked you how many unopened e-mails are in your inbox at present, I would be quite confident the answer would be somewhere between 10 and 50! If I asked you how many text/sms messages are unread on your phone, I am also confident that the likely answer would be “ZERO”.

This is the power of  “3 click” text/sms marketing campaigns…people read text messages, as text/sms messages have an air of immediacy/importance to them; whereas we all receive numerous spam and junk e-mails, there isn’t the same “digital” culture when it comes to text/sms messages.

I have been using text message marketing campaigns for over 4 years in our Pilates Performance business in Dublin and have now refined the process that it can currently generate up to €30,000 ($33,4720) in ONE DAY!

This is not a “once off” we consistently achieve single day sales of €20-€30,000 ($22,5000 to $33,4720) in our monthly text campaigns, which form an integral of our overall marketing strategy for the business.

I would like to share with you the process we use to achieve this…it is remarkably simple and I have always been surprised by how underused this simple, yet effective, marketing tool is….

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