Digital Marketing Services

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Digital Marketing Services provided:

Social Media Marketing:

  • Facebook targeted audience promotions/campaigns, including audience creation, lookalike audiences, keyword research, demographics, pixel installation and tracking/conversions etc
  • Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn promotional advertisement campaigns.
  • Monthly planning calendar implementation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

  • Website seo optimisation using relevant plugins, snippets, keywords research and planner. Google site indexing.
  • Google Paid Search (PPC-Pay per Click), utilising Google AdWords platform and campaign planning and management, with full Google Analytics conversion tracking and website integration.
  • Google Organic search, campaign creation, planning and management with Google my Business platform.

Email marketing campaigns:

  • Targeted email campaigns using client database, with full integration and hyperlinking to website landing page, eCommerce platforms, videos etc
  • Full management and/or creation of Constant Contact or MailChimp email marketing platforms
  • Frederick Marketing portal (MBO): Full creation and management of targeted MBO client database; again utilizing hyperlink functionality with full website and eCommerce platform integration

Branded APPĀ  and YouTube marketing (VDN-Google Video Display Network)

  • Creation and campaign management of customised and targeted promotions using Branded Web AppĀ  (MBO or other third party).
  • Full integration with website landing page and/or eCommerce checkout page-“3 clicks to purchase” methodology.
  • APP marketing using Google AdWords
  • Brand awareness, development and enhancement using YouTube platform-Video and “In Stream” Marketing with Google AdWords
  • Creation of customised Videos using specialist video creation/editing software

Text/Sms Marketing

  • Creation and management of targeted text/sms campaigns to defined client database with full integration and hyperlink to website landing page and/or eCommerce “checkout” page for ease of client purchase.

Website Content Management

  • SEO Optimisation
  • Weekly/Monthly content management
  • Google Analytics to measure website performance