Our pricing system is quite variable and flexible and is always tailored to the needs and goals of the client, therefore, most of our packages are customised to the exact requirements and deliverables of each client.

Digital and Social Marketing

  • First initial Consultation (1 hour)
    • Client intake brief
    • Overview of current business and KPI’s (if available)
    • Assessment of client goals and objectives for engagement
    • Production of proposal brief
      • Price: Free of charge
  • One hour Consultation
    • As above
      • Price: €90

Set up, Installation and Management of individual Digital and/or Social Marketing Campaigns

  • Includes:
    • Google AdWords/PPC Campaigns
    • Facebook promotional campaigns
    • Text/sms campaigns
    • E-mail marketing campaigns
    • Video Marketing campaigns
    • Branded APP Push notification campaigns
      • Price: Single channel: €299-€399 dependant on number and campaign complexity
      • Price: Multi-channel: €399-€499 dependant on number and complexity
      • Optional: Installation of Google Analytics and/or Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking and reporting: €150 per campaign


  • Website Content Management and API integration and site performance metrics
    • Includes: Day to day management of website updates, integrations
    • Site Performance management and metrics
      • Price: €199 per month (min 6 months)


  • Gold Standard Package:
    • All of the above Monthly Maintenance and Support options, combined with full Monthly MINDBODY Software Consultancy management and reporting.
      • Price: €799 per month (min 6 months)


  • Terms and Conditions:
    • Due to the nature of the work involved , in terms of research, preliminary design, information and data analysis etc there is a 50% deposit required on all agreed assignments. This is non-refundable.
    • The promoter is responsible for all subscription and budgetary expenses required in order to activate and manage any platforms required .
    • All information (including financial and sensitive business data) provided to Digital Mind is kept entirely confidential and is never disclosed to any third party (including MINDBODY) without the expression written authorisation of the promoter.
    • It should be noted that Digital Mind endeavours, at all times, to provide the desired results and outcomes for its clients, however, can provide no guarantee that the results, particularly in terms of digital/social marketing campaigns and conversions/sales, will be in line with expectation due to many variables, of which Digital Mind may have no control. Such variables may include restrictive campaign budgets, changing market conditions, changes in third party platforms business rules and conditions, incorrect or ambitious sales/pricing points etc