Facebook Lead Generation Marketing

Why Lead Generation Marketing on Facebook is one of the most effective forms of new Customer Acquisition.

One of the most effective tools for new client acquisition is, undoubtedly Facebook Forms, or using the Lead Generation objective in Facebook Marketing campaigns. This has been confirmed to me from Facebook directly, haven spoken at length with a senior marketing analyst at their EMEA HQ in Dublin, who has analyzed data from thousands of Facebook client campaigns and their associated results/conversions

Why is this I hear you ask?

Well, there are a number of reasons…

  1. Data Points
    1. From these forms you can collect phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as they have been volunteered by the prospective client by agreeing to your terms & conditions contained within the form. This is “implied direct consent” under GDPR (Europe), within the terms & conditions link (to your website) prospect is consenting to receive “relevant” information about your business.
    2. Clearly this is invaluable data from prospects who have shown a direct interest in your service or product. Unlike a “generic” marketing campaign where impressions, reach, conversions are the key metrics, with this format you have real client data.

             3. When creating the form in the AdSet of campaign keep it simple with the  “3 click rule”, i.e. don’t ask more than 3 questions.

2. Another key benefit of this type of campaign is that you can also create Lookalike and Re-targeting campaigns based on the information received from your prospects (which you already know are interested in your services/products), this means that your prospect can see your campaign at least 3/4 times before making a decision. Remember, based on attribution windows (that Facebook measures) it can take up to 30 days for a prospect to purchase from first seeing your campaign, a trait that will resonate with most people buying online. I know that I will look at a product/service at least 3/4 times before purchasing! So remember, results may not be immediate.

3. Whilst all of the above “data driven” techniques and metrics are important, probably the most important thing in relation to these Lead Generation campaigns is that you follow up/make contact with the client within 24 hours. This creates a sense of professionalism in the prospects mind that you value their (potential) business. Following up a week later indicates a certain laziness and the possibility that the prospect has forgotten about your service/product and, has become disinterested.

4. Finally, make sure that your content is compelling and use quality (hi-res) logo and picture JPEG’s. Your headline should always be addressing a solution to a prospective clients’ problem: “Do you need more movement in your life?”, “Have you considered becoming a fully certified Pilates (Yoga) Teacher?…make contact and we will reach out with more information on how we can help”

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