Facebook Lead Generation Marketing

Why Lead Generation Marketing on Facebook is one of the most effective forms of new Customer Acquisition.

One of the most effective tools for new client acquisition is, undoubtedly Facebook Forms, or using the Lead Generation objective in Facebook Marketing campaigns. This has been confirmed to me from Facebook directly, haven spoken at length with a senior marketing analyst at their EMEA HQ in Dublin, who has analyzed data from thousands of Facebook client campaigns and their associated results/conversions

Why is this I hear you ask?

Well, there are a number of reasons…

  1. Data Points
    1. From these forms you can collect phone numbers and e-mail addresses, as they have been volunteered by the prospective client by agreeing to your terms & conditions contained within the form. This is “implied direct consent” under GDPR (Europe), within the terms & conditions link (to your website) prospect is consenting to receive “relevant” information about your business.
    2. Clearly this is invaluable data from prospects who have shown a direct interest in your service or product. Unlike a “generic” marketing campaign where impressions, reach, conversions are the key metrics, with this format you have real client data.

             3. When creating the form in the AdSet of campaign keep it simple with the  “3 click rule”, i.e. don’t ask more than 3 questions.

2. Another key benefit of this type of campaign is that you can also create Lookalike and Re-targeting campaigns based on the information received from your prospects (which you already know are interested in your services/products), this means that your prospect can see your campaign at least 3/4 times before making a decision. Remember, based on attribution windows (that Facebook measures) it can take up to 30 days for a prospect to purchase from first seeing your campaign, a trait that will resonate with most people buying online. I know that I will look at a product/service at least 3/4 times before purchasing! So remember, results may not be immediate.

3. Whilst all of the above “data driven” techniques and metrics are important, probably the most important thing in relation to these Lead Generation campaigns is that you follow up/make contact with the client within 24 hours. This creates a sense of professionalism in the prospects mind that you value their (potential) business. Following up a week later indicates a certain laziness and the possibility that the prospect has forgotten about your service/product and, has become disinterested.

4. Finally, make sure that your content is compelling and use quality (hi-res) logo and picture JPEG’s. Your headline should always be addressing a solution to a prospective clients’ problem: “Do you need more movement in your life?”, “Have you considered becoming a fully certified Pilates (Yoga) Teacher?…make contact and we will reach out with more information on how we can help”

Facebook updates for new Apple Privacy settings

As you are probably aware the new Apple Privacy settings on the iOS platform has had major implications for the performance of Facebook Ads, in particular in terms of the tracking pixel performance, but also the overall performance in terms of reach, audience detail targeting and placements.

Having spoken at length, and in details, with a Senior Marketing Analyst based in their EMEA HQ in Dublin, here is what I have learned:

  1. FB Ads Manager will be changing in a few months offering new campaign target objectives.
  2. When marketing campaign is created and published DO NOT EDIT CAMPAIGN FOR AT LEAST 72 HOURS as this will effect reach performance. Campaign can be edited after 72 hours.
  3. Placements: Use Automatic placements rather than manual placements. If you are using manual placements for Ad campaigns, ensure that you are using at least 4 placements or you will not get desired reach.
  4. If using Campaign Budget Optimisation, you should target only 1 country. If you are targeting more than 1 country DO NOT USE CAMPAIGN BUDGET OPTIMISATION.
  5. When creating a new audience ALWAYS USE DETAILED TARGETING EXPANSION, which will now have the effect similar to re-targeting and Lookalike audience (not sure if this is actually an algorithm change)
  6. Frequency: When deciding how often your campaign should be served to a unique user, it should be no more than 1.5-1.8 (or at most 2). Anything higher can be seen as spam and user will be promoted to “stop seeing these Ads”
  7. Custom Audiences: These need to be refreshed after a min of 90 days or will not perform as planned. You should add a new dimension/demographic/profile.
  8. Tracking: When used as an objective Landing Page Views offer a far higher quality of customer than Link Clicks objective, and are more likely to purchase on the page (if you have link to e-commerce platform).
  9. Conversion Campaigns objective: Vital that you refresh these after 7 days or Facebook will not look for new relevant prospects.
  10. Facebook are in continual discussions with Apple/iOS on tracking data, but at present they are not receiving any relevant tracking data for at least 3 days, which important to understand when analyzing results (particularly for clients).
  11. Facebook are now looking at tracking directly from “browser events/API’s” from the likes of WordPress platforms etc. There will be more info on this on Friday.

Hope this is useful in planning your campaigns!

Marketing to a new landscape

Marketing to anew Virtual Landscape

Is Xmas a challenging time for Sales/Cash Flow in your Pilates/Yoga/Health Studio?

Here are some useful tips to drive sales over THE festive period using MINDBODY

The festive season is upon us again and it can be a challenging time for Health Studios, whether in the Pilates, Yoga, Fitness or general Wellness sectors.

We are now competing for a share of our clients’ wallets against major retailers and products in the overcrowded online (and offline) Xmas market, with most of your clients thinking “I’ll get back to my exercise regime in January”.

But what about December? Bills, Wages, Utilities, Rentes still have to be paid? I know from our experience at Pilates Performance that our December revenues/cash flow can be as little as 5% of our yearly sales…

Here are some marketing/sales tips that have worked in the past and may be of use in driving some much needed sales during the Holiday period.

  1. Gift Cards
    • Gift Cards are a great idea for the “gift of health and wellness” at Xmas, whether customisable online or available in “hard copy” (with Xmas design) at your studio.
    • Consider a Facebook post with a link to the online section for Gift Card purchases on MINDBODY (HOME > MANAGER TOOLS > LINKS > ONLINE STORE-GIFT CARDS)
    • Make sure you also put some A4 posters around studio advising clients of this Xmas gift idea for family and friends (put it on your tv if you have this resource).
    • Use Push Notification on the Branded APP and remember to add the shortened ( https://bitly.com/ ) version of the link to reduce characters.
    • Tip: I would always recommend using videos on your Facebook post, it is far more engaging for clients. It can be a simple “wishing you a Happy Xmas message from us all at [studio name]” message, with a reminder “don’t forget to give the gift of health this Xmas with one of our customisable online gift cards”.
    • Make sure your Gift Card link is highly visible (landing page) and easy to access on your website.
  2. Promotion Codes
    • We have done some excellent “12 Days of Xmas” promotions using Facebook and Branded App. Basically create 12 Promotion Codes on MINDBODY (HOME > MANAGER TOOLS > PROMOTIONS (under PRICING section).
    • Example: “On the 1st Day of Xmas [STUDIO NAME] gave to me…10% OFF 10 packs of Reformer classes….use PROMO CODE XMAS1 at checkout”.
    • Tip:
      • Remember to ensure your Promotion is ticked to be available online.
      • Use a “single” pricing option (e.g. 10 Reformer pack), as opposed to a whole Service Category as this is more focussed and you can track sales performance better.
      • By spending a little time you can use the schedule function on Facebook to schedule all of the posts over consecutive days. You can review and edit in Publishing Tools.
  3. Text and E-mail Campaigns
    • With January far away on the fitness/wellness horizon it can be useful waiting until the end of December to create a campaign reminding clients to get ready for post-Xmas resolutions….
    • Create an e-mail or Text campaign with links to the checkout page on MINDBODY with an added incentive e.g. “12 Reformer classes for the price of 10 when purchased before 31st December. Activation date 2nd January 2020″…
    • Tips:
      • Ensure a powerful CTA (call to action) in your message with a sense of urgency (must buy before end of December).
      • There are a number of CTA’s you could use e.g. “Bring a friend to his/her first class for FREE”
      • Again use multi/cross marketing platforms i.e. promote on Branded App also (with shrunken link).

Just a couple of tips you might find useful.. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help. …….Have a great and happy Xmas!


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